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Bianca Gomez


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I’m a San Bernardino artist and Just about last year I started putting my artwork out because I finally gained the confidence and pushed myself out in the world! I use acrylic paints for my art work. My work ranges from murals, Portraits, furniture, and little things like shoes, purses, and water bottles. I use Instagram and email to handle any business. However, my main goal for my art is to use it as an outlet and create connections within my community to rebuild the sb community and try to remove the stigma on my community. One of my greatest achievements through my art is that It’s allowed to create connections with other locals and now I’m putting together an art show in November 2020, for the main purpose of putting locals in the spotlight and uplifting the community! This is something that I’ve always wanted to do and I’m so thankful for the people that blessed me with this opportunity!