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Paula Venegas Alvarez

 Revolutionary Dreamer 

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I am a self-taught, undocumented artivist raised in San Bernardino, California. My artistic journey began when I took an elective art class in middle school. My passion and involvement in education, immigration, and in my community inspires me to create art with a greater purpose. My art pieces bring awareness to issues that are many times overseen in society and that are not taught in the classroom. Through my art not only do I express my experience as an immigrant in the United States, but I also bring hope and empowerment to our community. I have worked with various mediums and techniques and I am always looking for new ways to expand my abilities with different mediums. Most of my work is with acrylic but I am currently learning how to work more with watercolors. Learn more about me and my work on my website, Follow me @revolutionarydreamsca