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Micah Amaro

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My name is Micah Amaro, I am a female artist based in San Bernardino, California. Most of my work is done digitally, but I also create artwork using acrylic paint, ink, markers, graphite, and colored pencils. Ever since I was a child my inspiration for drawing has always come from cartoons and anime, my own culture, different cultures I learned about, and the thousands of books I would read. I have always been passionate about representing a little of myself in each drawing and character I create. I aim to be able to have my own cartoon show and be able to share my stories with others. I've had opportunities to paint a mural at a local community center and do illustrations for a children's book, plus creating logos for podcasts. I am also in the process of releasing my own webcomic. As of now, I sell art prints, stickers and buttons on my Etsy shop: AmaroArtStore.