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I primarily take the most time discussing philosophy and psychology, and just letting my long regiment of practices lead to what to take and create. My sense of direction may seem perplex in times, but my personal intentions are to help communities to help create emotionally, mentally and physically artists whom are self healing, reliant and financially free, and through the journey of inquiring and seeking this question, I am grateful to have met a lot of individuals whom have provided their time and energy to help guide me to testing, writing and solidifying these beliefs. On that note, I believe that every individual experiences that is unfolding before us are presenting us an opportunity to reunite our sense of spacial comprehension from the past and future into the current moment, and to be an artist is one's way of making that pact of agreement into the occurring story, as it is also one's protest to be who and how we choose to create and be, as anti form to everyone else that are propelling themselves towards someone else's dream that became everyone else's reality.

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