About SBAC

SB Arts Collab is a catalogue and showcase for all of the creative voices and makers in the City of San Bernardino, this platform will celebrate and connect the ongoing and evolving creative network of artists, producers, entrepreneurs and the consumers who want to support them.


This is a free space for artists and makers of all mediums and backgrounds. It is a supportive and inclusive space where we invite the community to uplift one another and to promote a local approach to hiring and engaging with the creative professionals right here in San Bernardino. 


Come here first to find an artist for your next mural or graphic design project. Come here to hear the voices you want to headline your next show or organize your next event. Creatives, come here to find the person you need for your next collaboration. 


This site will also promote local businesses and events who support this “hire local creatives movement,” starting here.


Supported by the growing partnership of the San Bernardino creative community – businesses, organizations and institutions, including: , The Little Gallery of San Bernardino, The Garcia Center for the Arts, The San Bernardino Art Association, The Breakbread Mic Sesh, Grounded Self Care, Arts Connection, San Bernardino Generation Now, Robert and Frances Fullerton Museum of Art (RAFFMA), SB Food Fest, and the San Bernardino Valley Concert Association

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